Small Woodworking Projects – It’s all Down to the Planning

May 26, 2011 by admin  
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small woodwork projectsDon’t you find it frustrating when you start what you think is going to be small woodworking projects, and discover that you’re still only part way through them days later? This sort of thing can apply to a lot of projects or woodworking ideas i.e. IKEA flat packs always take a minimum of 3 hours to put together, if yours have taken less, start again, you’ll have missed something out; of course, not having step by step instructions on how to do your project isn’t going to help either, is it?

So, what sort of small woodworking projects might you tackle? Of course, small doesn’t mean that they have to be simple woodworking projects, they could just as easily be woodworking ideas that you’ve had for ways to improve the house; we aren’t looking to build an extension here.

Speaking of home extensions, of a sort, how about making the next of your small woodworking projects some decking for the house? I know, that sounds like a project that’s going to take you months to complete, and if you don’t have a good set of plans, and step by step instructions, it might well take you that long to do, but, believe it or not, many people consider this to be a project that’s well within the skill level of someone who hasn’t taken night classes in carpentry.

Just think about it, for a moment; summer has arrived and it’s time to spend a few precious hours outside with the family. As the sun beats down you sit and relax with a nice cold drink, and reflect on the day that’s been. One of the family members, who you clearly don’t keep in contact with, asks you about the new decking, and how much it cost. You take another sip of your drink, put it down on the new table you’ve built, and say ‘oh this? I did it myself. It was nothing, really.’

Of course, it wasn’t nothing, it was a bit of hard work, but having the right tools, and comprehensive instructions made it one of those small woodworking projects that everyone can benefit from, and it probably gave your house value a bit of a bump, too.

If you’re thinking that this may be a little bit bigger than the ‘small’ project you had in mind, the coffee table mentioned should be well within your capabilities; it’s still quite an impressive thing to be able to show to visitors, as well.

Aren’t you too sure that the old woodworking books you’ve got are going to give you all of the instructions that you need to actually finish a project like this? You wouldn’t be the only one to have doubts about them.

The woodworking magazines that you can get each month are great; however, they almost seem to miss out steps so that they can get more projects published each month. I don’t know about you, but this frustrates a lot of people who read about something they’d like to try making, only to discover that they don’t know how to get from instruction 1.a to 2.c in the way the magazine says that you should.

A lot of people comprehend plans for small woodworking projects far easier if they have detailed instructions with pictures; after all, with so many parts looking the same, how do you know one from the other without the pictures?

If you’re more of a visual person, and all the reading just confuses the issue, then the small woodworking projects included in TedsWoodworking Package are going to make life far easier for you. Go on, how long did your IKEA project really take to finish?


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