Woodworking Projects for Kids – Are They Really Child’s Play?

May 27, 2011 by admin  
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woodworking projects for kids 300x201Have you ever thought that it might be fun to have a few woodworking projects for kids that you and your kids could get involved in? If you have, but aren’t too sure where to find any that are suitable, then all will be revealed in the next few minutes.

Have you noticed that it’s getting far more difficult, these days, to find something that you can use as a way of bonding with your kids? Many people have, and it’s not too surprising. Kids have so many distractions now, and many parents are working such unsociable hours, just to keep the money coming in, that they and their kids start to become strangers. So, if you find the chance to connect, take it.

If the way to connect is by getting them involved in woodworking projects for kids, then that’s even better. Not only will this be a good chance to work together, and have some fun, you’ll be able to get some sort of usable item out of the experience; just how useable really depends on whether you’re having more fun than you should be while making it.

Of course, you’re going to want to have something that’s reasonably easy to build, and captures their imagination enough for them to see it as a project worth taking part in; TEDSWOODWORKNG.COM is the place you’ll want to go to so as to get both.

Although they have more than 16,000 plans you can use, they also have a number that will be ideal as woodworking projects for kids.
You might like to check out the plans for kids that they have, the children’s room projects, the computer desk plans, the plans for wooden toys or other woodworking ideas. That should be enough to keep you going, shouldn’t it?

If you want to be truly adventurous about taking on woodworking projects for kids, and you really want them to get involved, why not have them pick the project they want to do? They may not necessarily go for the one you’d have chosen, but if it gets you working together, and it’s going to be of some practical use once you’ve finished, then where’s the harm in letting them choose; I’d keep them away from the cabin plans, though, if I were you.

Each set of plans has a comprehensive guide, as well as detailed plans that don’t assume you know what all of the bits are, so they’re going to be suitable to use as woodworking projects for kids. If you want you could give your child the plans and see how far they get without you interfering; sorry, without you offering sound advice, until it’s needed. That’s a great way to get them to think about and follow instructions for themselves, but, if this is just a fun project, then it’s better if you’re both doing it together.

So, in these days of other ‘distractions’ you may just find that there are plenty of practical things that you and your child can be doing together; it could lead them to developing skills that will be of use in later life, or, it might just be a fun way of knocking together a few woodworking projects for kids that will also give you that precious time in which to bond with them.


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